Benefits of Taekwondo for Children

How does taekwondo benefit children? Listed below are just some of the many benefits of taekwondo training for kids.  Children of all ages can benefit from the physical skills and values that are taught in taekwondo schools.  Children learning taekwondo work on drills to improve their motor skills, balance and coordination as they learn martial arts techniques and practical self defense that teach them the benefits and importance of exercise.  They are also taught proper courtesy and respect and drills to improve their focus and self control - necessary skills and values that benefit them throughout their lives.  Unlike a traditional team sport like soccer or basketball, taekwondo allows the individual to progress in class and excel at their own pace, but yet offers an atmosphere in which students are able to develop teamwork and leadership skills as they work to help each other learn.

At the Taekwondo 2 XCELL, we teach age appropriate curriculum for all of our children's programs.  Our instructors regularly attend seminars, networking with other taekwondo schools, masters, instructors and educating ourselves through books, videos and more so that we can offer fun and exciting classes catered to our young students.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Self Discipline

Respect and Courtesy

Honesty and Integrity

Improved Focus and Grades

Positive Attitude

Enhanced Social and Leadership Skills

Goal Setting


Self Control

Enhanced motor skills


Make new friends

Practical Self defense

and more.

At the end of every class, students are taught to recite and embody the 

10 Principles of Taekwondo:

1.  Be loyal to your country.

2.  Honor your parents.

3.  Be loving between husband and wife.

4.  Be cooperative between brother and sister.

5.  Be faithful to your friends.

6.  Be respectful to your elders.

7.  Establish trust between teacher and student.

8.  Use good judgment before killing living things.

9.  Never retreat in battle.

10.  Always finish what you start.

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